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question about the xim3?  (Read 1030 times)

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question about the xim3?
« on: 06:46 PM - 02/10/10 »
I'm not trying to bash.  I own a xim1,2,and im getting a 3.  They are the best solution for m/k gaming.  but I do have a question.  I own a PS3 and the Fragnstein m/k controller.  the FnS has no deadzone control for whatever reason, so of course its nowhere near the software quality as the xim.  The FnS does work quite well on some games.  I'm assuming because those games have a very small deadzone. 

I'm kinda talking a lot, so I'll get to the question.  Is there a reason why you guys didnt go the route of making a FnS style of wireless controller and mouse where the firmware was stored on a wireless reciever doggle that plugs into the xbox or PS3? 

I only ask because the Fragnstien and fragfx pro are no where near the quality and precision of the xim products.  I cant help but think your missing out on a huge market with your superior product or potencial product.  XIM could kill with a wireless version.  I email the FnS guys after I bought the product inquiring about deadzone support, and the support guy didnt even know what deadzone was.  I had to explain it to him. lol.

I gave up on PC gaming because of the cost.  I just cant afford it now.  My xbox and PS3 are set up in the living room.  not a computer desk.  Having even a wireless keyboard is kind of a bulky thing around the room and having wires run to the comp/xbox is even worse.  a differant solution would be great.

Again.  Sorry if I offend anyone.  I am greatfull for the xim products.  They are the best by far and get better with each model.  I just wanted to have a discussion.

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Re: question about the xim3?
« Reply #1 on: 08:51 PM - 02/10/10 »
Your missing the whole point of xim. Xbox Input Machine. It's designed to accept all types of inputs, not an OEM wireless chuck setup. And why go wireless. Those who seek out the best keyboard and mouse experience also want the best performance. A wireless xim setup is a handicap, and a poor design in my opinion.

Everyone has an opinion, and after seeing this thread and your downfall of xim3 post based that it may not be priced at 79.99 I've come to a conclusion that your way of thinking is 110% consumer. You don't understand the overhead that goes into making a product, and you don't understand the technical side of using a device like xim. The fact that xim3 is going to be priced competitively is a VERY good thing. Remember the target audience isn't mainstream. The target audience are those who understand that a mouse and keyboard setup is superior to a gamepad. Those people are willing to go the extra mile for a higher priced product. XIM2 is proof of this, who in their right mind would spend $190+ on an input machine?? Plenty of people, and they are happy they did it. Read the feedback. Going wireless, or using wireless input's is just dumb. We are here to use the best possible setup on a console, why would anyone handicap themselves by adding additional latency.

Fortunately business models aren't based on only the way a consumer thinks, but what is best for the company, the product, and the consumer.
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