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XIM Edge Requests/Issues Track
« on: 11:49 AM - 05/26/12 »
Feature Requests/Suggestions
  • Add option to disable "breath" animating color in Play Mode
  • Add Config cycling (next/previous) settable hotkeys
  • Add YX Ratio knob to Smart Ballistics
  • Add "auto-turn" mode
  • Add Push-To-Talk (PTT)
  • Add ability to reorder Configs
  • Add ability to swap sticks
  • Add ability to adjust Turn Assist sensitivity

  • Changing Sensitivity values in Manager doesn't commit if you dismiss the window while the field still has focus
  • PS3 Configs in Manager should display PS3 button icons in the key detection dialog
  • Disable rumble on PS3
  • Dismissing More Settings during Config edit in Manager causes Sensitivity vales to revert back to their unmodified values
  • Entering a Delay value that's less than 8 shouldn't round down to 0
  • Ballistics curves are defaulting the flat on new Configs (should be linear)
  • XIMManager errors on XP SP3 if WinUSB.dll isn't on the machine
  • Start/Select bindings are swapped on PS3
  • Excessive white light blinking when using Peripheral Bridge
  • Controller DPad buttons blocked if Stick button already pressed on PS3
  • Key collision warning should ignore directional keys if in analog mode
  • Colors in Print Config Summary are wrong
  • Digital diagonal movement causes overflow in some games
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