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So...its been a LOOONG Time. Where's my gamers at?  (Read 3274 times)

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Re: So...its been a LOOONG Time. Where's my gamers at?
« Reply #15 on: 08:57 AM - 12/29/15 »
The analog stick resolution on the PS4 controllers is very low.  I forgot the exact numbers but at least half, if not more, of xbox 360 and xbone controllers.

OBsIV explained all this back when people were complaining about the PS4 controller report rate. Something to the effect of "you guys are getting all up in arms about the wrong thing. It's very questionable that anybody would be able to notice a 2MS report rate difference, but I promise you can feel the 64 bit stick resolution."

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Re: So...its been a LOOONG Time. Where's my gamers at?
« Reply #16 on: 09:13 AM - 12/29/15 »
Well poop that sucks. Hey I've been out of the loop for over a year heh. I do still have that rabit pic you drew though lol. I don't know, secretly I'd rather have the x1 but I don;t want my wife to feel bad ya know. She coordinated this with 2 of my co-workers wives so "all the guys" could play together. Both of the others do NOT play shooters, are not really "hardcore" gamers and from what I've seen, are horrible at games period lol. She opened a can of worms though cause I was due for a new monitor, my headphones just quit a few weeks ago, my xim3 hasn't seen action since my 3rd 360 went up in smoke (hell I could have used it through win10 for a bandaide) and here I am...stuck with a ps4 wishing I went with my gut. :( Actually, I think neither would be the way I'd go. Been pinching pennies for a killer pc rig.
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So...its been a LOOONG Time. Where's my gamers at?
« Reply #17 on: 09:34 AM - 12/29/15 »
You make it sound far worse then it really is Tuff ^^

Xbox uses 16 bit resolution sticks, PS4 uses 8 bit.

As a owner of both PS4 & X1, the difference is very little when it comes down to how aiming feels with XIM4, espically with Smart Translator's v2.

I agree with Tuff tho, Just choose the platform where most of your friend's are :)
I just wanted to say that you are a phenomenal gamer. You make it look so easy and your gameplay has this commanding "tone" to it (i.e. not frantic -- more of a dominating calm :) ).