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Calling ALL Creative SoundBlaster X7 owners, help a guy out, please?  (Read 12476 times)

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Just try it in game.  Got to any game/location with various ambiance and switch between the two. After that try it with a couple of matches and see which works best with you. 

Personally also run Night mode.

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Can someone help? As I'm close to tearing my hair out...

I received my X7 last Thursday, everything is absolutely fine. However I can't seem to get an optical cable to fit. I have one that fits, however it's a rather short optical cable and I need a longer one; I've ordered three off Amazon and none of them fit properly. They fit, but they don't click. Whereas the short cable clicks into place and it feels secure.

Has anyone else had an issue with optical cables? Do I have a defective unit?

And yes, I've taken off the protective, plastic caps off the ends of the optical cable tongue.gif

I just don't understand how one cable can fit, yet others can't.

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a toslink cable will only stick if it has one of the knobs shown in the following picture
check if your cables do have that too, also maybe your connector is worn out which is something you should also check

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Hi antithesis, my X7 arrived today and I've been looking at lots of different settings online. Pretty much everyone said to go into Cinematic and change it to "full", as apparently this is DD on the X7 end, however now I see you're suggesting Night mode instead?

What made you change to Night mode? Did you follow the advice of everyone with changing it to full initially, then you discovered Night mode and never went back?

Just looking to find the best overall experience for my new X7.

Many thanks.

Initially, I had mine set to Full Mode (intuitively, we associate "full" with "best") and spent hours tweaking the settings to flesh out the soundscape. Od1n suggested changing DD to Night Mode and it's like a light-bulb went off.

The problem with Full Mode is it washes out audio cues by pushing them further into the distance. Night Mode brings them closer to the ears, so they're easier to hear. It's the single best change you can make to enhance gaming positional cues.

Everything else can be tweaked to taste, as SBX and EQ is really just the cherry on top of DD.

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