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First Call: THE XIM WAND  (Read 11030 times)

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Re: First Call: THE XIM WAND
« Reply #90 on: 09:19 AM - 06/19/18 »
2. The above with trigger stops and an extra button to replicate the left had side of a scuff (in the way battle beaver does).

I don't think most gamers have stopped to think about...why we need trigger stops to begin with? Why not make them digital? Since swapping to the Wii U Pro pad and now the Joy-Con's, I've never, ever come across a situation where I've needed analogue triggers. No one is seriously playing a racing game with a Nav + mouse are they?
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Re: First Call: THE XIM WAND
« Reply #91 on: 06:28 PM - 06/22/18 »
This is I want to try out. If a mouse and a game controller had a baby. The R-handle

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Re: First Call: THE XIM WAND
« Reply #92 on: 11:37 AM - 06/23/18 »
@Obsiv - is this being looked into or likely to happen - PRETTY PLEASE?!
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Re: First Call: THE XIM WAND
« Reply #93 on: 09:25 AM - 10/25/18 »
Any new news on this?!?


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Re: First Call: THE XIM WAND
« Reply #94 on: 10:51 PM - 10/27/18 »
Ill just say this. I bought out all the Navs at my local GS so if one broke Id have replacements. I find Nav perfect. A click stick ( A), 2 front buttons ( B & X), D pad 2 small buttons for start & menu. Big PS button for Xbox button.

R, L, LB, RB and Y go on mouse.