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My Xim 4 Does Not Work With My PS4  (Read 1468 times)

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My Xim 4 Does Not Work With My PS4
« on: 02:45 AM - 02/12/19 »
I got the xim4 for a month now and I've tried many solutions to try to fix it and none seem to work. the xim registers all things connected to it but it won't seem to flash green for times when connected. it flash white like around 6x and it won't recognize when I press key on my keyboard but it does detected my keyboard and my mouse as well as my controller but it doesn't want to let me turn my controller on and yes I have it put to usb on my ps4 and I already changed the settings for it but it simply won't. ive also updated as well as did a factory reset but nothing seem to change I still have the same problems and Im not getting any solutions from any of your guys sources and that makes me upset cause ive waited a while to get this and ive just gave up on the xim 4 until today when my friend said there is a new update so I tired it again and now I'm looking for any other solutions if you guys have any. :(

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Re: My Xim 4 Does Not Work With My PS4
« Reply #1 on: 09:09 PM - 02/27/19 »
hey man,

I have had similar issues in the past and found, assuming that you have followed all the detailed instruction on here, there are 2 weird things that you should try.

1. Make sure your PS4 controller has some good charge in it. very important.
2. The cable you use for your controller too XIM4 in fact all if possible should be data cables and not just the type used for charging.

I had the white lights and was having issues even tho i had not changed my cables out... I then tried some different USB cables for connecting my controller to my XIM4 and what do you know... easy fix.