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SandhawC Guide  (Read 65812 times)

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Re: SandhawC Guide
« Reply #60 on: 04:57 PM - 08/05/17 »
Ehat does this do exactly? I'm new to xim4 and I was asking ppl how to make a script that on the division game with the shotgun if you guys play that game where u can aim really fast and shot at the same time over and over and they sent me here I'm lost lol

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Re: SandhawC Guide
« Reply #61 on: 12:32 PM - 09/29/17 »
So I've got the SandhawC all set up, connects to Xim4 perfectly fine. However, it says "DISABLED Press 'Pause' key to toggle the state", and I have no idea which button that means. I've tried the "pause/play" button on my laptop, but it doesn't do anything, even when I press the function key with it. Any alternatives or way I can use a different button? I saw an option to add additional activation keys but I have no clue how that works, it doesn't respond to any key presses.

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Re: SandhawC Guide
« Reply #62 on: 01:20 PM - 10/15/17 »
would love for another detailed guide  ;D

getting this problem and I have net framework 4.7 + and every other thing fine, also my manager opens when im plugged into PC just getting this problem now.

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Re: SandhawC Guide
« Reply #63 on: 07:08 PM - 12/12/17 »
Xim4 manager works but when I open sandhawc, it just says connecting for an infinite amount of time. Anyone got a fix?

Running windows 10, z97 chipset

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Re: SandhawC Guide
« Reply #64 on: 09:00 PM - 12/12/17 »
the only reason i would do this is to afk farm credits in swbf2.  would that hypotheticaly make me a 🍕💩?

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Re: SandhawC Guide
« Reply #65 on: 05:48 PM - 03/02/18 »
Will update this guide whem the xim link is released!

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Re: SandhawC Guide
« Reply #66 on: 01:56 AM - 12/17/20 »
Update 2020:
Sorry for my Englich :-).
I use the Belkin F5U258 and Windows 7.
You can buy it on ebay: https://www.ebay.de/itm/333601591615
He shipped to Germany :-) Thank you.
This Cable work on XimLink and SandhawkC

You can use XIM4 Firmware 20171004.
If you see Aux Button 12 is triggert.
You have a PS4Pro and the wrong Firmware :-).

You must know. Bluetooth and Data Cable dont work together.
Disable Bluetooth on your Mobil Phone.

If you use the Bluetooth config, you must disconnect the Data Cable from the PC the Xim 4 from PS4.

1. Installe the XIM4 Manager
1.1. For the first time connect the Data Cable and wait for Driver install
2. Connect the Xim 4 to PS4 and the Data Cable to the PC
3. Start SandhawC an click on "Connect to Xim 4 Manager
4. Start the polling

5. Use the Pause Key to activate / deactivate

If you have errrors
1. Make a Facktory reset with the Firmware Tool
2. Disconnect the Data Cable from the PC the Xim 4 from PS4
3. Connecht the Xim 4 to PS4 and the Data Cable to the PC
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