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XIM Link for XIM4  (Read 413 times)

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XIM Link for XIM4
« on: 10:43 AM - 04/23/19 »
I've been going through old threads and ahven't seen anyone go into detail about this. I also saw that W11CE mentioned that if enough people wanted to have Xim Link support for the Xim4 he'd look into it. I noticed a fair amount of features have been added in Link vs SandhawC.

Could it be configured so that the source code for Xim Link can recognize the Xim4 USB device ID plus its code on the onboard controller? Or vise versa, add the features from Xim Link to the source code of SandhawC?

I wish the source code was public or limited to select individuals that would want to tinker around and contribute to the development of either software.

I'm a student learning the C# && C++language and would love to see what I could contribute to the community, of course after approval of the modifications from mods and admins to the source for public release. lol :)

I like to keep an open mind and I am open to anything.


Also W11CE pm me if you are okay with discussing anything mentioning above.