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[Q/A] Change profiles with a key  (Read 442 times)

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[Q/A] Change profiles with a key
« on: 09:45 AM - 11/26/15 »
Hi all.

Im currently playing  BO3 on my PS4. I usually play with ARs and LMGs and a high sensitivity seems to work good. But if I want to play as sniper  I need to lower my sensitivity a lot to get a good aim. And here comes my question, is there a way to change different set ups just by clicking one key on my keyboard instead of having to load a profile on my app?
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Re: Change profiles with a key
« Reply #1 on: 10:50 AM - 11/26/15 »
You can change to a different setting page, which is what I recommend, or create a new config and assign it a hotkey. In your case a new setting page makes more sense because you don't need another hip and ads.

Swipe right from your ads page and name the page. Set it's activation key and hold/toggle state. Configure it's sensitivity and you're done. Now whenever you activate that page the sensitivity for that page will be used, pressing the activation button again or releasing it will return you to Hip.
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