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Xim3 usage on pc  (Read 1705 times)

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Xim3 usage on pc
« on: 08:05 AM - 11/10/15 »
Hey guys I'm curious if I can plug my xim 3 into my PC and make it think I'm using a controller when I'm actually using a ps move navigation controller with a mouse. And if so how do I hook it all up? Do I put xim into PC mode or Xbox mode? Thanks for all your help!

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Re: Xim3 usage on pc
« Reply #1 on: 06:31 AM - 11/11/15 »
Yes it does work. The xim3/simply emulates the Xbox 360 controller. So for all that your PC knows, it actually thinks a genuine Xbox 360 controller is pluggrd in.

Don't put your xim 3 in PC mode. Just set up the xim 3 the same way you would for the Xbox 360, just plug the USB cable into your PC, instead of the Xbox 360.