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Logitech G502 "extra button" mod (extends the DPI shift button)  (Read 6820 times)

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So I ordered some Lexan (polycarbonate plexiglass) to use as the extender. It's about the thickness of a penny so it shouldn't add to much bulk. It's also easy to sand down after I do a rough cut with my jigsaw (wish I bad a dremel).

I also purchased two pieces of 4"x4" polypropylene rubber/foam that I plan to attach to the right side of the G502 in order to increase its thickness for more comfort for my pinky. I'll take pictures once I've completed your mod piiwii
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Now find a way to get rid of that god awful button all together and I might use my g502  again.

You could just completely disable it in the settings.

It's the actual compressing of the button that throws me off.
have you tried to compress it down and duck tape it down the side that should work
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