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Good players, what are your personal Destiny settings?  (Read 2912 times)

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I am trying to push the envelope of game-play with the XIM4 in Destiny.

My destiny tracker: http://destinytracker.com/destiny/crucible/xbox/Stevonite

I'm currently in the top 1200 in the leader-boards for KD and I want to get better and more consistent.

My setup currently is:

Monitor:      BenQ XL2411z 144hz monitor
Mouse:        Zowie ZA-11 @ 3200DPI 500hz polling
Keyboard:    CM Quickfire Rapid (MX Cherry Black)
Mouse Pad:  QcK+

Hip sensitivity:   65 to 70
ADS sensitivity:  37 to 42

So if there any other players that use XIM and have a 2KD+, what are your tips for having good accuracy in this game? What kit and what sens do you use? Do you use your mouse claw grip with your wrist on the pad? Or do you use low sens and use the whole mouse pad?

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Re: Good players, what are your personal Destiny settings?
« Reply #1 on: 05:24 PM - 09/30/15 »
You get better with more practice. Best advice is to have smart keybinds. Binding your weapons to the mouse buttons instead of keyboard helps for faster weapon switching without sacrificing movement.

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Re: Good players, what are your personal Destiny settings?
« Reply #2 on: 12:32 PM - 10/01/15 »
Be careful with the K/D crusade fellow Ximmer. There are more important factors to being a "great" player than just k/d ratio. If you want a starting point then "true" map knowledge should keep you busy for a while. 

Also, I think you'd stand more to gain not limiting your resources by only requesting feedback from players above a 2.0 k/d. Even your current k/d is bound to fluctuate quite a bit since you have a low amount of overall kills. I'm certain players below that average can offer a wealth of knowledge that you could utilize.
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Re: Good players, what are your personal Destiny settings?
« Reply #3 on: 06:42 PM - 10/01/15 »
I don't play a tonne of Crucible, but I do enjoy it and go 2-5KD when I'm playing well, even though I still have my training wheels on in terms of map knowledge, gear and class familiarity. I also go 0.75-1KD as often as not, simply because of inexperience, age, lag and overall lack of care for KD as a measure of 'fun'.

For me, it's less about KD and more about finding weapons I'm comfortable using. I'm more interested in Impact, Range, Stability and recoil pattern than Xim sensitivity or how I grip a mouse. The physical tools we use and how we use them are so subjective that it's difficult to quantify, but raw DPS and time-to-kill affect us all equally. On that front, Planet Destiny is a great resource for weapons stats, comparisons and reviews.

The only tangible piece of advice I can offer in terms of gear setup is to find a sensitivity value that allows for fast turns, but doesn't break Aim-assist. If my DPI or Xim sens is too high or too low, AA becomes an enemy rather than an ally. Find the sweet spot and AA feels like a gravity well. The downside being that your aim can be dragged off-target if another bad guy gets in the way of your shot.
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Re: Good players, what are your personal Destiny settings?
« Reply #4 on: 08:34 PM - 10/04/15 »
Map knowledge is more important then being accurate. Knowing where to stand, where your Exits are if you a loosing a gun fight, Where you should be standing according to the setup of your team and not being a lone wolf. My KD isn't as good as yours, 1.82kd but I have 20+ thousand kills. I can get a better KD if I tried but I like playing around with friends.

One major thing I noticed when I transitioned from Control to XIM is that I gained Accuracy but lost Map control. I didn't have the best Aim in Halo 3 when I was on controller but I could keep up with the best because of map knowledge. I was a 50 in every playlist and played 50 high all the time. When I got me a xim I was so accurate and this made me charge right into gun fights because I was confident I will win with my new found strength, only to be met with a grenade at my feet and getting out played. So now that I have the accuracy I am now planning my every move before I make it so I have the best of both worlds.

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Re: Good players, what are your personal Destiny settings?
« Reply #5 on: 02:53 AM - 10/05/15 »
Unfortunately there is no quick fix. There's no substitute for game time and good old muscle memory. Even if you played looking in the mirror and swapped hands, your brain would remap eventually( I'm talking to you, southpws and inerts). . Stick with a layout that makes sense to you, there is an old saying(that I just made up)Repetition comes before reputation.
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