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XIM3 (FAQ) - Now With Instructional Videos!  (Read 62906 times)

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XIM3 (FAQ) - Now With Instructional Videos!
« on: 10:45 AM - 12/29/09 »

How much does it cost?


What else will I need besides an Xbox 360 for xim3 to work?

You will need any WIRED Microsoft certified controller for the Xbox360 console. Microsoft, MadCatz, Gamestop brand controllers should work. Please note that a wireless controller with a play and charge kit will not work, the play and charge kit only charges the controller.

What does my order status mean?

'New' means the order was placed and you are in line
'Processing' means it's being verified, packed, and shipped
'Shipped' means either FedEx or USPS has it now
'Hold' means there is something wrong with your order and you will be contacted about it.

Do XIM2 owners have any incentive to upgrade?

Improved performance, smart translators, ease of use, plug and play, no pc required, and many more features that weren't listed!

Can I use my mouse and keyboard simultaneously with XIM3 and my PC?

No, USB peripherals can only be plugged into a single host at a time. If you place a usb switch between your pc and xim3 you will be able to toggle your peripherals between the two hosts. Search for the phrase "usb switch" on this forum to see recommendations from users.

Does XIM3 still use a computer?

Not directly. A pc is only required to update XIM3's firmware, general gaming does not require a pc. XIM3 is a standalone device.

What are these smart translators you speak of?

A smart profile is a unique preset configuration that is tailored to a specific game. When gaming with smart translators you are only required to select the correct game, your desired sensitivity, and button layout. To learn more about smart translators please click here

Can we still make our own standard configs on XIM3?

Yes, you can still make your own standard configs.

How do we edit configs?

You'll use the attached Xbox controller to navigate the config on the LCD screen and make changes. Additionally you are able to create, edit, and migrate configs between your pc and xim3 with the application Xim Manager.

Did you just say LCD screen?

Yes, see picture below or visit the development blog for more.

Do the smart translators cost money?

Smart translators are currently provided for free! This may change later down the road but the developer said it's unlikely.

What smart translators are currently available?

Official Smart Translator Support List

How many configs can be stored on the device?

10 Smart translators and 50 Configs

Can I use the smart translator on XIM2?

Nope, sorry. This will be a XIM3 feature. The posted Halo 3 smart translator was a test run.

If they can block the XFPS will it be possible to block the XIM3?

That's a good question. One thing that we have over our friends over at XCM is intelligence. The first moment I saw that XFPS had 2 USB connections and that they designed it so that you can unplug the controller and still play, I knew that they had totally blown it on their design. That means that in order to avoid what happened here they would have to emulate all USB responses of controller perfectly. That's a hard thing to do and the result is compatibility issues. Too bad their firmware update model is to by a whole new device!

XIM3 will have 3 USB ports and you will always need a controller plugged in to function. Sorry if this will be a burden on people, but, it's the only way to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

Without the computer how will I do all my macros?

Sorry but you won't. Macro's have never been officially supported and likely never will be supported on XIM3. If you want that functionality you need to use a XIM2, check the community market after XIM3 release, plenty will be on sale.

What types of mice and keyboards can I use?

Take a look at the XIM3 Official Hardware Compatibility List

How long is the XIM3 cord?

You should receive a 6 ft USB Type A Male to Mini-USB Type B Male. If this is not long enough for your setup we recommend that you don't use anything past 13 ft, once you reach 15 ft you may experience signal loss over usb. We also recommend that you don't use a usb repeater.

Will XIM3 work on PS3?

Although XIM3 is built for xbox, hence Xbox.Input.Machine. , some users have found success using xim3 on ps3 with an xbox to ps3 adapter. For more information read the tutorial by clicking here.

Will XIM3 work with the Xbox 360 Slim?


As more information is released, we'll update this post.
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