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Monitor vs TV  (Read 3529 times)

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Re: Monitor vs TV
« Reply #15 on: 12:07 AM - 08/31/15 »
I switched from big screen TV to gaming projector and experience no lag and have bigger screen :)

Bigger screen is not better for gaming.

What is the projectors delay? It has gotta be terrible.

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Re: Monitor vs TV
« Reply #16 on: 07:12 AM - 08/31/15 »
Well it's a gaming projector (BenQ or Optima)so probably negligible.   If you're competitive, then probably not the best.   Immersion wise, it's likely the closest thing to occulus lol.

i want to get a benq monitor but not sure witch one to get.
The RL2455HM is highly used by many people and more than enough. (I put some info in the thread here along with links to another thread (http://xim4.com/community/index.php?topic=41491.0)
The XL 2411z, 2420z, and 2720z (firmware V2 & above) are the best when it comes to reducing motion blur/clarity at the cost of reduced brightness/flicker while working best for 60 FPS native games. (COD, BF, new Halo's)

Personally, using Amazon you can snag used variations of the XL for a good price and if anything is wrong, send back.
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