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Advanced Call Of Duty Aim-Assist Settings  (Read 11208 times)

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Advanced Call Of Duty Aim-Assist Settings
« on: 01:13 PM - 08/22/15 »
XIM community members are constantly active in pursuing the most optimal way to game and utilize the unique in-game aim mechanics of console shooters.

This write-up is a compilation of community contributed methods for countering and leveraging Call Of Duty behavior around Aim Assist and Hip-ADS Transition.

DISCLAIMER: The following settings diverge heavily from XIM's 1:1 existing reticle behavior. If you are proficient already with your settings and feel COD's Aim-Assist isn't affecting your performance (or you play with AA off), then, you should ignore this post.

1) Upgrade to the last Beta firmware and Manager

XIM4 is constantly being upgraded with new advanced features. You will need the latest Beta from our Release Candidates board.

ACTION: Install the latest Beta.

2) Match in-game Hip to ADS transition reticle slowdown

BACKGROUND: When switching from Hip to ADS, the game will display a transition animation that takes time. XIM4 will switch instantly to ADS settings while the game takes a moment longer as it remains in Hip. You will feel a reticle jump when this happens. To compensate, XIM4 provides an Advanced Mouse option called Delay used to match XIM4's Hip-ADS transition to that of the game (typically around 120ms). The result is a reticle that maintains constant speed throughout the Hip-ADS transition (1:1).

With this method, the goal isn't to maintain 1:1 reticle speed throughout Hip-ADS translation but keep Delay at 0 and eliminate the reticle jump. To do this you'll need to consider XIM4's immediate switch to ADS settings (sensitivity and translator), COD's momentarily held Hip mechanics, and COD's eventual in-game ADS sensitivity drop. To balance all these concurrent factors requires your Hip and ADS sensitivities be based on a 2.4x factor.

ACTION: Choose your ADS sensitivity and set your Hip sensitivity 2.4 times higher (Hip = 2.4 * ADS).

3) Use Steady Aim

XIM4's Advanced Mouse Steady Aim feature is designed to provide extra mouse stability to compensate for unsteady hands which benefits COD's Aim Assist mechanics. This is especially useful for high-sensitivity and high-DPI mouse players.

ACTION: Turn Steady Aim on for Hip and ADS.

4) Use a specialized ADS Ballistics Curve for Aim Assist

The last piece is a specialized Ballistics Curve designed to work with the previous steps to optimize for COD's hit box mechanics to use Aim Assist to your advantage.

ACTION: Paste this Ballistics Curve to your ADS Settings:

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<
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