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Question(s) for OBsIV, I'd appreciate a look in...  (Read 895 times)

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I do want to ask and in hope I'd love to see these two features come to fruition in the XIM4's not too distant future. Of course if they are theoretically impossible for the XIM4 then that's obviously understandable but at least one of these features has been discussed and I've even been attacked for requesting it before but I see a new direction developers are taking with core XIM games (COD/BF) and I feel we the XIM users are at a disadvantage to be honest with you.

To begin, and if I understand this correctly, the XIM4 communicates with our gaming consoles at 8ms (correct me if I'm wrong) for all consoles except the PS3 which is 10ms?

What I'm unaware of is if that 8ms is additional to the 8ms the controller already takes for the XB1 and the 4ms the controller takes for the PS4?

If they are addditional (meaning 16ms-12ms respectively) then wouldn't it be in everybodies best interest that we try to lower that additional latency? 16ms is 1 frame if not mistaken, in a twitch based game that can make a difference (imo).

The other question I was hoping to discuss and see what your take on this was, Call of Duty since the start of Advanced Warfare has adopted a boost in aim assistance for controller players, so much so that using the keyboard and mouse has become more of a struggle than it ever was with the older Call of Duty titles.

Considering the XIM is sold to a majority of COD gamers and as we can already see from the BO3 beta on the PS4 that aim assistance is even stronger now than it ever was with AW, this works great for those controller users, not forgetting Microsoft will be selling those "elite" scuf like controllers to a larger scale of Xbox gamers but it will put us at a greater disadvantage.

I was wondering if instead of "Steady Aim" which is a great addition for COD and BF gamers, that a slider be made that can allow us XIM4 users crank the aim assist to crazy levels, as in have that advantage that controller users will have as well?

I'm not asking for a "anti recoil" tab or anything, as I could see how that would truly be unfair even against other keyboard and mouse users lol.

If you think I'm being unreasonable then I'm willing to cop an earload to hear what you have to say on the two matters and as a long time consumer and someone who believes in you and the team's hard work I only want this device to be the best it can be...

I'm sure some individuals who gave me a hard time about the first request will come back and tell me how the feature isn't needed, but I'm not asking for their opinions, I want to get this across to OBsIV and him alone right now. I feel the XIM4 has matured and these features should be on a "to do" list someday.

Thank you.
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Re: Question(s) for OBsIV, I'd appreciate a look in...
« Reply #1 on: 10:14 AM - 08/20/15 »
Obs is already working on the 250mhz thing.

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Re: Question(s) for OBsIV, I'd appreciate a look in...
« Reply #2 on: 12:07 PM - 08/20/15 »
I dont see 4ms doing anything just look at venom x maybe 1ms might.