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« on: 08:03 AM - 08/18/15 »
I just ordered the XIM4 and am totally excited about it.  I do have one question though.  Using a headset on the PS4 you need to connect it to the controller with a cable.  Using the XIM4 am I suppose to somehow run a cable from the headset all the way to the console?  This doesn't seem feasible.  I am using the TurtleBeach PX4.  If I really have to I will buy the Sony Playstation headset which does work through bluetooth.   Can someone tell me how they have theirs setup?  If I have to buy a cable can someone tell me where they found a massively long cable so they don't have to sit ontop of their console?  Also if anyone has found a headset besides the Sony Playstation one that will work with the PS4 through bluetooth please share.  I really appreciate all the info.

Also will the playstation Move controller work through the XIM4 with the PS4? 

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