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Easy headset "chat"setup for PS4 through secondary DS4.  (Read 1559 times)


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Dont worry if your DualShock4  is connected to xim4 and jack 3.5 is not accessible for chat, I found a cheap solution not only for the over the ear DD, DTS surround headphones but also regular in ear stereo headset  ("only sony headset" works with mic apple earpods uses different Jack 3.5 and mic don't work).

All what you need is :
Secondary PSN account and secondary  DualShock4. When you are playing game with your primary PSN You have to push PS on your secondary DS4 and log in with another account, put headset in secondary DS4,now from secondary PSN account you can join the chat party for example with stereo smartphone headset (only sony to be "enable use mic" ) or Turtle Beach PX4,  after you go back and log in with your primary DS4 PS button to play(I can do it from G13 keypad).now everything works like before without XIM4.

P.S. Maybe somebody can check different brand stereo headset.In ear headset is good to use if its to hot in game room.