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My new 5.1 headphones  (Read 7645 times)

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Re: My new 5.1 headphones
« Reply #75 on: 03:27 PM - 01/28/10 »
It doesn't matter if your mobo has SPDIF/Toslink or not - it only outputs to stereo in 99% of them.  It has to support DDL or DTS for it to work and you can probably count the number of mobos that do that on 1 hand.

Same goes for soundcards.

I just picked up a Diamond XTreme sound something or another from Frys for like $40.  It supports Dolby Digital Live.  All my PC games and MP3s kick so much @#$% now with the MixAmp.

Did your motherboard not have SPDIF/Toslink audio connections?