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A must have for M/K user (at least for me).  (Read 695 times)

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A must have for M/K user (at least for me).
« on: 09:41 PM - 08/05/15 »
Just got my XIM4 and played around with it using destiny, not the best game to test drive it. Due to the in game maximum turn speed, regardless it does 1:1 ratio. So far i been tweaking the setup like the Sprinting and Vehicle.

Never really tried other transceiver this is my first time and i am having a positive experience albeit again with the exception of the maximum turn speed. Thank you for creating a wonderful device it is godsend to me who is a natural M/K user.

PS cannot wait for my Taken King PS4 Bundle!

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Re: A must have for M/K user (at least for me).
« Reply #1 on: 10:50 PM - 08/05/15 »
Welcome to the community and thank you for your feedback. Destiny is more of a tough one because of the turn speed limit (as you've noticed). But once you learn to "ride" that limit you won't notice it (like those in the gameplay videos that are playing Destiny).
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