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Which console system are you experiencing the problem with?

Playstation 4
1 (33.3%)
Playstation 3
0 (0%)
XBox One
2 (66.7%)
XBox 360
0 (0%)
Multiple Systems
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 3

Voting closed: 05:54 PM - 07/28/15

For those experiencing random input loss with Commander currently  (Read 1125 times)

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I'd like to gather some data as this random input switch problem might be tricky to debug. If you've experienced the issue recently please let me know which consoles you're using when the problem occurs. If you're experiencing the problem using multiple consoles please choose the last option so I know the issue is not console specific.

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only using xim commander with PS4, no issues there :)
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od1n really making me think it's xbox one issue...

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Not sure if this will work for everyone, but for me I click inside the window for XIM Commander then press Print Screen that fixed the issue for me awhile ago during Xim4's commander initial launch and never had an issue since though I only just started to get back into Halo again (They fixed it)! :D
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