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ADS Aim Transition - MW2  (Read 855 times)

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Re: ADS Aim Transition - MW2
« Reply #15 on: 09:17 AM - 11/26/22 »
The recommended in-game settings for MW2 include Gradual ADS transition timing as opposed to Instant or After Zoom. Does this setting actually matter since we can adjust ads delay values in the manager? Also, why not choose Instant and use a delay of 0? I would appreciate some help because I rarely deviate from the recommended settings but I donít see why Gradual was selected. Thank you for your consideration.

I've actually been using 0 in both the activation delay and deactivation delay for quite some time now, the reason for this is that each gun has different ADS speeds, using an optimal value might work in some of the guns, however it will be very inconsistent in the majority of the guns since all the ADS speeds varies in each gun. I also highly recommend turning off Smooth Aim Transition when setting both the activation and deactivation delay to 0, the smooth aim transition does the complete opposite when left on if the activation and deactivation values are both set to 0

Imma try this, one question, do you use instant or gradual?

I use instant, not because gradual is bad, its cuz instant makes me aim at my opponent much faster in close range and I win more battles because of it, the real key is setting the smooth aim transition to 0 because when I have this setting to on with activation and deactivation delays to 0, it makes ads transition rigid and not smooth at all.
So you use smooth aim transition ticked and 0 the delays?
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