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PC question  (Read 477 times)

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PC question
« on: 10:10 AM - 06/04/15 »
Sorry for posting here, I just don't feel like making an account on another website.

I am doing the pc mod, where I put my PC guts inside of a pelican case. All is going well, except for the screen. When I first hooked it up, I got the left half to show up backwards and the right half was normal. When I connect my laptop, the display showed fine. This effect showed up through bios and both gpu/igpu connected.

What I did was take a new replacement screen (g74sx bare) with a LVDS controller board kit. I spliced a DC power (jack/wire) into one of the PSU wires (yellow and black/ 12v and gnd). Also now the board no longer lights up (led green light).

I think maybe my inverter cable was bad (but why work on laptop and not desktop?). Now I think maybe I fried my controller board but there are no indicators and screen doesnt come on. I ordered the first kit from china, I just now ordered a replacement board from here in America (I don't feel like waiting a month or two for it to get here).

I read I would need to splice into the 12v and gnd for the screen to be powered by the PSU. Maybe I should have done the 5v instead? N173HGE-L21 is the screen model number, backlight is led, 17.3", 1080p. Any help is appreciated.

I posted here as well because with the lvds controller board, I can use that screen to play ps4/pc when im traveling. (I fly around a lot for work).