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Far Cry 4 or Dragon Age?  (Read 642 times)

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Far Cry 4 or Dragon Age?
« on: 09:33 PM - 02/23/15 »
Both are on sale on PSN in addition to the spend $100 get $15 back deal. I'm pre-ordering BF Hardline and don't know which one of these to buy to get up to a $100.

I loved FC3 so I know I'll like FC4 on some level as it looks like little more than a copy and paste job. I never got into Dragon Age 1 because it seemed so bland in every way and the demo for the second one was boring. However, I saw DA: I at a friend's house and it at least looked good but I couldn't make out what the gameplay is actually like and don't know much else about it.

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Re: Far Cry 4 or Dragon Age?
« Reply #1 on: 01:08 AM - 02/24/15 »
Well they are very different games so it's kinda hard to say.

FC4 is fun of course, but like you said there's alot of copy paste involved. I couldn't believe that amount of assets it re used from FC3. Same animations, alot of same weapon models are re used & sounds etc. I still enjoyed it though. Tbh I think blood dragon felt more different than fc4 lol.

Im playing through DA inquisition right now, its amazing. Ridiculously long though. If you enjoy RPG's its a must play. Just don't get too caught up with the sidequests & try to move on otherwise it can get a bit grindy and feel like an mmo.