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Logitech k360 + g700s keyboard and mouse combo for wireless  (Read 1209 times)

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hi all. I just bought the xim4 and is very excited for it to arrive. For now I need to buy a compatible wireless mouse and keyboard that would work flawlessly on the xim4. I prefer wireless because I am will be gaming on the couch.

I read somewhere that you can not use Logitech wireless keyboards and mouse at the same time with a unifying receiver, because only one device will work at a time. I found in the spec sheet of a g700s mouse that it uses a different receiver than the unifying ones.

Does anyone here can be able to verify that these two device will work at the same time? Anybody here using the same keyBoard-mouse setup?

I would like to know if these two devices would work before purchasing them.

Thanks in advance.