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can anyone help with a HIP curve?  (Read 634 times)

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can anyone help with a HIP curve?
« on: 04:01 AM - 01/26/15 »
I play on very fast sensitivity (12,000 dpi with 311.25 on BO2) and I am looking to create my first ballistic curve. I need to be able to get my movement down by A LOT when i'm using small movements. I'm able to deal with quick shots that I need to get off, but when it comes down to it and there's a guy right in front of me and there's no drastic movement that's made, I want to have more control over my shot. I know this means I need to lower the lower ballistic curve but I'm not sure how much. I've been messing with it and it all feels weird. Anyone have a good curve?

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Re: can anyone help with a HIP curve?
« Reply #1 on: 04:29 AM - 01/26/15 »
Don't bother with the curve, that is not your problem.

You are constantly hitting the turn cap. Is your xim blinking all the time? Micro movements are probably hard because you aren't reaching the caps so you are feeling the true speed you have set. 300 is beyond fast, it's unusable.

Using a curve isn't gonna fix your constant surpassing of turn cap limits and a curve will not work if you are constantly passing the limit (which you are).  I suggest trying something under 30 and maybe using boost. Even 30 is high. Once you can play without breaking the turn limit, you will actually be able to move faster. You are using way to high of a sens. and this is what is causing your problems.

With 100% certainty I can say you are using way too high a sens. and this I causing your movement to not function correctly. The xim is not capable of working correctly at the speed you are using.
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Re: can anyone help with a HIP curve?
« Reply #2 on: 06:28 AM - 01/26/15 »
Have you put the decimal point in the wrong place for that sensitivity?  If not  :o  you should definitely follow sbk's advice.

Your sens is far to high at the moment and curves aren't going to help with that.   Once you're used to moving your mouse without constantly hitting the games turn speed limit, (XIM flashing red), you can experiment with curves but for now, get your sensitivity down.

I'm quite a high sens player too, mid 30's hip @12000dpi, and I can 360 in about 2-3 inches.  With my settings I'll be hitting the maximum turn speed more often than not so i don't know how you've managed to play at your current hip and dpi.

Follow sbk's good advice and you'll have a greatly improved experience with your Xim.