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BF4 (Run N Gun) Sniping Tips!  (Read 5794 times)

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BF4 (Run N Gun) Sniping Tips!
« on: 01:32 PM - 01/05/15 »
I strongly suggest using the FY-JS for anyone that would like to try my style of game play (Run N Gun Sniping). The gun's a bit of a pain to unlock but worth it. The alternative is the M40A5 but there are several reasons why the JS outshines my fav gun from BF3, but the biggest is bullet velocity.

In short, the weapon is far more accurate at a range of distances, holds more ammo and reloads in approx. the same amount of time.

Here's a link that compares the two - http://symthic.com/bf4-compare?FY-JS_vs_M40A5

- Make a config just for sniping. Under secondary buttons on Xim manager bind SPOT to your Fire button (Left Click). Now every time you fire at an enemy you will also spot them. So, even if you don't get the headshot you severely hurt them and highlight them for a team mate to finish them off. Most of the time you will get the kill when they do because you did the most damage. Plus you'll get spotter points and ribbons during the round. This only works for single shot weapons because if you hold down the fire button the Commerce option will pop up. Which is why this needs its own config.

- Pick the Sniper kit under recon to get the Advanced Spot perk which will spot your enemies 45% longer.

- Always try to keep your crosshairs up. It can be a learning curve, but if you practice keeping your crosshairs at head level it makes it much easier to get quick scopes within close quarters.
- Never EVER move while firing your weapon (this can be harder then it sounds when Run N Gunning, especially if you're used to strafing while you shoot as you would with assault rifles).
- Never stand still while reloading, train yourself to strafe or move (take cover etc.) even if you aren't under fire. This will make it second nature and help you keep your nerve when taking rounds. A stationary target is a DEAD target!

- Annnd, Do NOT underestimate the power of the Razer Vespula (precision side) when combined with the G502 and trained to its surface. I lowered my sensitivities pretty significantly when I made the switch from the soft Goliath pad to this hard surface. IMO, it's a game changer!

- Practice ... Practice ... Practice!

                                                         Here's all of this put into action

And here is the Ballistic I use - http://xim4.com/community/index.php?topic=39539.msg495678#new

Have Fun!
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Re: BF4 Sniping Tip for more kills/score.
« Reply #1 on: 04:52 PM - 01/09/15 »
Not a bad tip. Personally, I'm always spamming away with the spot button anyway and typically 'spot' enemies before I even shoot at them. The spot button is your best friend in battlefield games.