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XIM4E Firmware?  (Read 5491 times)

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Re: XIM4E Firmware?
« Reply #15 on: 09:18 AM - 04/18/15 »
Can you not provide some method to access the firmware and manager software?  People can troubleshoot and what not on their own.  You don't have to officially support it.

I bought a XIM Edge towards the end of the last gen life cycle. Had to step away from gaming for a bit and come back to find it's completely obsolete.  Your point about old devices not supporting new OS's is well-taken, but people aren't asking for the latest and greatest versions of XIM firmware, just access to the most recent Edge firmware.

$120 isn't a drop in the bucket.  That's on par with a nice gaming headset.  Using that as an example, when the X1/PS4 were released TB/Astro/etc. provided a method for their customers to use that hardware with the next-gen consoles.  You did that too, which is awesome.  It'd just be nice if we could still access that software.