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About the new board, and about your roles as alpha testers  (Read 2183 times)

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Hey guys,

The new Commander board is here and we can be a little more organized and a little less glommed together now.

For now, I've seeded it with the original XIMCommander topic, broken up into each of the releases and the original thread-o'-musings-and-suggestions.  This'll be formalized a little better in the future, but it's a start at least.

Regarding bug reports: Please only report bugs if you have confirmed they are still present in the current version of the app, and then please post your bug report in the current version's thread.  If I feel there is a more global issue at play, I'll move it to its own thread, but please leave that to me.

If a bug persists longer than you would have expected, given my original response(s) to it, please feel free to re-post it in a newer version's thread.  I don't want things to slip through the cracks.

IMPORTANT: This is effectively pre-release, unsupported software.  Please do not post your issues in the Support forum.  Not yet.  Please keep them in here until we make XC more of an officially-released part of the XIM family.

Regarding suggestions/requests: Feel free either to post to the original thoughts-and-ideas thread, or to post a new thread, depending on how you think it'll work better (esp. if it will/won't relate to existing posts in the original thread).  Basically, use you own discretion here.  Just try to keep clutter down.  I may choose to merge new threads into the original, or split new additions to the original into their own threads.

Regarding asking for help: This is a test phase and you, by virtue of choosing to be a tester, are accepting a level of responsibility and self-reliance that you might not normally expect to have with commercial software.  This software is incomplete, only partially tested, the documentation is sparse, and the resources for answering questions are limited to me and your fellow testers.

You are expected to read the documentation through, to note the new features and changes in each new version's changelog, and to stay current with discussions here on the forum.

Obviously, if you are diligent about informing yourself and following instructions and so on, and I have still somehow left you with a puzzled or frustrated look on your face, then please *do* ask questions so we can get you up and running.  I don't claim to write the best documentation, or to think of all possibilities.  With some back-and-forth, we can take care of these deficiencies.  :)

On the other hand, if you find yourself about to post, "I downloaded the file, what do I do now?" then you may not be cut out for this phase of testing.  No offense intended, it's just that some people are more accustomed to both the requirements and the numerous downsides of alpha testing.  Please try to be realistic--some of you may be better-suited to a later, broader, more polished phase of testing, e.g. beta.

Anyway, welcome to the board, everyone.  Whether you choose to test or not, your input is always welcome here.  No single engineer ever knows his entire target audience's needs, so we're counting on you to help us help you with the things we put in XC.  Thanks for your contributions, be they past, present, or future.  :)
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