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OverWatch: how to increase scoped sensitivity?  (Read 7368 times)

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OverWatch: how to increase scoped sensitivity?
« on: 05:12 AM - 10/12/16 »
I've finally gotten Overwatch to feel good on some characters but zoomed aim is still sluggish very sluggish actually. I've had a xim for a day so I am new as new gets so I don't understand the jargon and need it explained to me like I'm a child. I use a iPad to configure my XIM4 and yes I have everything including zoom maxed in game ( in Overwatch zoom the higher the number the more sensitivity right? Like regular aim?)

Also I have a odd bug , certain character lose TONs of aim sensitivity while using alt attacks, example Genji and Reinhardt. If I have Reinhardts shield up my turning radius is so soft , that to turn 90 degree I would have to swipe my mouse 4 or 5 times where as if I don't have my shield up a slight mouse swipe will turn me completely around. Same thing with Genji, if I use his spreading cone fire over his three in a straight line shot his turning sensitivity just turns to mush like Reinhardts until the whole animation ends. Very strange.

On a side note, I am extremely pleased with my soldier and Tracer movement. I can shot Pharah out of the sky with TRACER ffs while on the move. God @#$% it's glorious ...
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Re: OverWatch: how to increase scoped sensitivity?
« Reply #1 on: 09:15 AM - 10/12/16 »
Unfortunately when the game developer puts aiming restrictions into the game (in this case for some characters) there isn't anything that can be done to go beyond those limits.
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Re: OverWatch: how to increase scoped sensitivity?
« Reply #2 on: 09:17 AM - 10/12/16 »
Overwatch doesnt work with xim at the moment, please consider that when playing it

as for your two problems, both have the same origin
when you are in your HIP config on xim (configuration mode) you need to go to the right side into the ADS (= Zoom) config
there you can set an ADS speed

since its set default to 40 with right click you always change the sensitivity when doing a rightclick which most likely for your characters is a skill button hence the sensitivity change :)

overall its best to have two Overwatch config, one for sniper classes with an ADS config and one for any other character without ADS config
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Re: OverWatch: how to increase scoped sensitivity?
« Reply #3 on: 11:35 AM - 10/12/16 »
> OverWatch: how to increase scoped sensitivity?

Open settings and from drop down menu instead of "ALL CHARACTERS" select character that has scope/ADS mode (Widowmaker, Ana).

Scroll down and find setting called "Relative sensitivity when zoomed in". Set it to 100. Now tweak Xim ADS profile to be around 50% of sensitivity of your hip profile, this is just a start, now fine tune it to what you like.

Note: this only applies to the old "ramp up" aiming mode (found in advanced settings).  In the new default aiming mode "dual zone" the 100% relative sensitivity does not provide identical sensitivity relative to the hip.  I have not figured out what value is supposed to be used for "dual mode".