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XIM4 with Sony Navigation Controller  (Read 724 times)

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XIM4 with Sony Navigation Controller
« on: 10:58 AM - 12/07/14 »
Does anyone use the XIM4 with this combination?
I'm having serious connection issues with the device.  I know the move controller is wireless, but it doesn't work unless it's wired (connected to XIM4).  Then it works for no more than 5-10 mins at a time and hay-wires after that (my avatar moves is circles).  What is your process for connection? what are you settings, what is your firmware? what works for you!?


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Re: XIM4 with Sony Navigation Controller
« Reply #1 on: 02:29 PM - 12/07/14 »
Duplicate of this Support topic:


(Anyone with useful input is welcome to chime in there.)