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XB1 follow user, how to thwart trolls  (Read 515 times)

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XB1 follow user, how to thwart trolls
« on: 07:52 AM - 11/26/14 »
With the new feature of XB! friends where IF you friend someone, your a follower of them IF they don't friend you back they are NOT your friend.  This can lead to some mean trolling.

I was in a lobby yesterday where a guy was @#$% up and down because a team of guys was obviously trolling him using that feature.

Really makes you think twice before being a asshat!

Of course some people just cannot help themselves. 
Just thinking about it makes me want to punt kick a a baby down sesame street.

anyone know how to prevent this? besides constantly reviewing your follower list?
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Re: XB1 follow user, how to thwart trolls
« Reply #1 on: 09:03 AM - 11/26/14 »
i just always join a party (by myself) and only talk with friends...it isn't worth the trouble of meeting 50 @#$% for the 1 nice person