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Re: Best gaming headset for ps4/pc
« Reply #45 on: 11:55 AM - 12/06/14 »
If all you want to hear are footsteps and gun sounds most headset and headphones will suit this purpose.

If you want to hear individual blades of digital grass brushing in the breeze, get you wallet out and chase that never ending dream.

For example, some people want that "battle rattle" to sound top notch, for immersion, or the ground crunch and you step walk and run to sound authentic..

To me, these are all unnecessary distractions. Much like litter blowing across the street in an FPS game..

i'll have to agree. i'm here for gaming and not as an audiophile. as long as i am immersed in the game as long as i can hear people around me and bullets flying by along with footsteps and etc with quality sound i'm happy.

i was really happy with the kingston hyperx but sadly it's not wireless.

i don't see a point in spending more than $100 on a headset when it's only for gaming. if it's for music and for audiophiles then past 200-400 even though i don't agree i guess i'll have to understand.

while $100 may not seem a lot and sorry yeesh this reply isn't all to you but i'd like to mention to everyone that it's performance over price meaning i believe that for this topic a headset such as sony golds which i got for $87 is better than astro a50s because although they might even sound better and although they might be more comfortable( i say might because i've never used them before) for the price/performance i think sony golds are far superior because they fit my needs and even though they might not fit the needs of audiophiles.

(btw not having a mic in front of my mouth is great although i dislike it picking up the sound of my cherry mx red switches-sony golds) but the sound is still great along with the mic i couldn't really ask for more for what i got for $87