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"funky" default kbm layouts?  (Read 714 times)

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"funky" default kbm layouts?
« on: 01:46 AM - 11/20/14 »
So I'm on a 888 mile drive, I got my xim4 literally 10 minutes before we walked out the door for this drive(I was actually waiting for it to leave). Anyways after driving some 500 miles straight, I finally got my wife to drive a little. So I plugged the xim4 into the car charger and started up xim4 manager.

I thought the default layouts kind of look funny. Wasd was about the only thing that I was used to. I mean obviously I can change it, but are these layouts what most people would use?(speaking bf4 here) default was #1 switch weapon, I use tab. Arrow keys for equipment, I would probably use mouse buttons for quick assault revives.

Anyways I thought they all seemed a little funny. Is this the conventional setup?

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Re: "funky" default kbm layouts?
« Reply #1 on: 05:08 AM - 11/20/14 »
its the stock CoD PC layout that the XIM4 suggest as default i think, this doesnt mean its the most common or a good button layout in general :)

the best layout is the one that you customize to your habbits, how you hold the mouse, and especially what devices you use :)

eg i cannot stand to have ADS on right mouse click, it reduces your mouse precision because of the unnatural pressure you put on the mouse with one finger while having to sensitive click the other button
eg thumb button for ADS or keyboard key is a much better option imo

but thats just how i like it, as i said everyone is different and therefore its definitely a good investment into testing different layouts until you found your own :)
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