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Call of Duty: AW PC aim on Xim  (Read 1251 times)

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Call of Duty: AW PC aim on Xim
« on: 08:33 PM - 11/16/14 »
I dont know if this has already been on here or if it will really help anyone but I thought I would share my experience so far on the xim4 for anyone that seems to have trouble finding a good sensitivity. After testing the xim4 version to pc it seems that the sensitivity of hip is 1.3x higher than ads on PC. So my ads is 12.42 and then hip is 16. It feels exactly like aiming on PC without aim assist. This has tremendously helped my aim cause it feels like playing it on pc. There are some problems with aim assist obviously so I have been trying tuffrabits curve and it seems a little better but not 100% yet. Also after testing a lot it seems that ads delays are a lot lower this year. I could be wrong but with quickdraw on bal i use 60ms delay which is low but it feels completely natural to me.
Just thought I'd share my thoughts so far.
My recommendations are
1) try making your hip sens 1.3x higher than ads or if you dont like math, ads sens should be .77 times hip sens.
2) Use a lower ads delay than past call of duties, I feel its lower but I could just be going crazy.

Let me know if anyone used this and it helped out. It just really helped me.