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XIM4 Wired Configuration and Warranty/Return Policy  (Read 528 times)

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Hey guys! Quick question. I'm debating whether or not to purchase the XIM4. It looks like an amazing product! First of all, I am aware that there is a wired configuration mode. However, in the hardware pre requisite section, it looks like the pc requires bluetooth. My computer is a 2009 home edition Windows 7 desktop PC with no bluetooth. Would I still be able to configure the XIM4 using wired configuration (USB directly to PC)? Also, if something does go wrong, how long does it take to process the warranty request? Thanks guys!

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Re: XIM4 Wired Configuration and Warranty/Return Policy
« Reply #1 on: 09:18 PM - 11/12/14 »
Welcome to the community and thank you for your interest in XIM4. No, you don't need Blueooth on your PC to use wired configuration. But, is required, of course, if you want to use wireless config.

Our hardware failure rate is very low (less than a tenth of a percent). If there is an issue with your XIM4 and it's clear its a hardware issue after we go over troubleshooting steps with you, we will take care of it immediately.
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