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Recommend Destiny Configs?  (Read 891 times)

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Recommend Destiny Configs?
« on: 10:01 AM - 10/20/14 »
I dunno why but I just feel like my configs are just not the most efficient and wondered if others had suggestions.

I have to rely too much on my keyboard since my G502 seems too small and I press buttons accidentally.  I am thinking of going with Roccat Kone XTD or Corsair M65 since they seem bigger and better for my large hand palm feel.

Are most using keyboard for forward/back strafe?
What about reload?  I use the R key but sometimes it feels awkward while moving forward and getting ready for grenade

What about grenade?  KB or mouse?

I use mouse for hip shooting *(left button) and ADS (right button) and thumb button for melee and middle button (scroll press) for super.  Other than that I'm using kb


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Re: Recommend Destiny Configs?
« Reply #1 on: 11:53 AM - 10/20/14 »
If I can recommended one thing, it would be to get used to using more keys on your keyboard.

I came late to the keyboard and mouse party, and I like you thought the best most efficient way to game would be to have everything on my dominant hand. "Right handed"

But over the years I've become adept with the keyboard, and I'm now and much more consistent player.

Of course its personal preference, but now the only buttons I use my mouse for are "shoot @ left click" "aim @ right click" and "melee @ back side button" but with the side buttons on the Razer death adder being quite large I sometimes click melee when swiping to the right as I grip the mouse a little more.

I use Sprint on the forward side buttonin COD, but only because I spent years strafe jumping like that, but all other shooters with a sprint key I use left shift.

You just have to use what you're comfortable with.
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