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Logitech Racing Wheel  (Read 1125 times)

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Logitech Racing Wheel
« on: 08:06 PM - 10/01/14 »
So I just got Forza Horizon 2 and was wondering if its possible to use a steering wheel/pedals designed for the PC (Logitech G27) on the Xbox One using XIM4?

Current wheels/pedals designed for Xbox One dont really interest me. The G27 on the other hand looks awesome.
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Re: Logitech Racing Wheel
« Reply #1 on: 09:11 AM - 10/03/14 »
I'd LOVE to know this as well... with Driveclub coming out next week, I'd love to use a wheel for it but all the wheels available for PS4 are garbage... T80 is cheap plastic with no features, T300 is not available int he US and seems to be sold out most places in Europe as well (plus it's like almost the same price as T500 with less features, so why not just get the 500 at that point?)... and the T500 is nearly $600 so no... I'd love to use my Logitech wheel but it's not supported

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Re: Logitech Racing Wheel
« Reply #2 on: 02:42 PM - 10/03/14 »
Well, you have to keep in mind that our smart translators are designed for translating a mouse into a controller's analog stick.  We appear as a controller to the console, not as an alternate style device like a wheel.  The way a racing game handles analog stick inputs is very, very different from how it handles wheel inputs.  Trust me on this, I've actually worked on three console racing games myself.  :)  You use very non-linear curves that actually change significantly according to the amount of time you've been holding the stick over and the speed of your vehicle.

The more I think about it, the more I think it's unlikely that we can support racing wheels.  OBsIV is the final word on such things, of course, but my intuition from being a professional video game dev tells me that it's not really going to work.  The mechanics of what we do, primarily for shooters, are not likely to be compatible as things stand.  We'd actually have to support racing wheels as an alternate device type that *we* appear as, not just a device we read inputs from.

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Re: Logitech Racing Wheel
« Reply #3 on: 11:36 PM - 10/16/14 »
I have a G27 and use it with another adapter (not really sure on the rules for mentioning competing products names) with a Xbox One and it seems to work pretty well for Forza 5. No gearshift or FFB but thats fine, its still a blast to play. The wheel seems to translate well in game. The only downside of the other adapter is you are tethered to a laptop to translate the inputs. I would love to just be able to plug it into a XIM4 and just play.

I just bought a XIM4 to clean up the clutter while playing Destiny with the K&M as opposed to the other adapter. I think if OBSIV released some basic dev kit for xim we (the community) would have a pretty decent config within a week. I know I would bust my @#$% on something like that. Im not sure what kind of drivers he is using to translate stuff but there are a hell of a lot of smart people out there dying for something like this and we would be able to bang it out of the park.