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Steelseries sensei  (Read 3116 times)

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Re: Steelseries sensei
« Reply #15 on: 02:20 PM - 11/25/14 »
The fastest Destiny can turn, with in-game sensitivity maxed out, is about one 360-degree turn per second.

Boost is... well, assume that your motion is represented with an angle and an amount to move along that angle.  What boost does is to add to the amount, but ONLY IF the amount is not zero.  Basically, if you're moving at all, you will move more than you normally would.

Normally, your motion accommodates a dead zone, to avoid drift, and is thereafter converted directly into an amount.  So if this is a graph of your hand's motion:

           |           O
           |         O
     game  |       O
    motion |     O
           |   O
           | O

Then this is what the game will receive after we accommodate the (exaggerated) dead zone:


           |     :     O
           |     :    O
     game  |     :   O
    motion |     :  O
           |     : O
           |     :O

And this is what the game will receive if we set boost to something like 10000, which would add about 1/3 again of the output range:

           |     :   O O
           |     :  O
     game  |     : O
    motion |     :O
           |     O''''''  ^
           |     O        ^
           O-O-O-O------  ^

So inside the dead zone, you produce no motion at all, but outside of it you immediately jump to about 1/3 of max motion.

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Re: Steelseries sensei
« Reply #16 on: 04:05 AM - 11/27/14 »
ok, so its like adding more speed to the movement correct? you will archive the desirable movement in 1/3 of the time  (in your example). Does boost influences the blinking light? If not you are saying that the best course of action here is to configure to the best sensitivity you can manage and add boost so you can make the movement faster? What are the normal values you use for your boost configuration?

Thanks a lot you have been more than helpful, thanks again for the time you are using to help me out archieve my best configuration.

Tip: It would be awesome if you guys make  a video explaining in detail how to configure it in the best way possible, explaining every aspect of the app(boost, sensitivity max etc) for the new users. Thanks again