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Question regarding Configs and the XIM360 on PS3  (Read 1205 times)

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Question regarding Configs and the XIM360 on PS3
« on: 04:34 PM - 11/14/09 »
(Posted this in the general section with no luck, so I figured it might gt more attention here)

What up dudes,

 I am having issues getting my XIM360 dialed-in just right on my PS3. I am using a legit xba+, brand new as well(not the old one with the disconnect issues).

I have been using Tonester's new cod config. And it seems to work pretty well, but it is still missing something. I think it may still be a bit twitchy when aimed at long targets. I have not tried sniping yet, though I assume that might be even more "twitchy".

I was wondering if I should lower the update rate to 60, instead of 125, due to the xba+?

Here are my details:

Modern Warfare 2
- In game sensitivity 6
- cpl mouse fix installed
- 1000 hz polling
- 1800 dpi
RAZER TARANTULA (until I snag a g13 and thumbstick mod that hoe)
Lapdesk (lol)
56" dlp in 1080p
Seating about 12 feet away

I am open to any suggestions, I have noticed people replying "Holy  sh8*t this feels just like a pc!" , that is what I am looking for my friends.

Also, I would think Tonester's config would be great, as he is using a similiar mouse, though I think he might be using 1600 dpi..
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