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How do I modify XIM profiles / smart translators? (the box art, buttons etc)  (Read 1518 times)

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I need to handle the following two scenarios:

Scenario 1: I have setup a generic PS3 profile, with more logical button mappings for navigating around the OS. I have just named it "PS Menu", however it still has a random box art. How can I change the box art to a picture of my own choosing?

Scenario 2: I created a profile for Bulletstorm PS3. There's no profile / smart translator for this, so I have used the Xbox 360 Gears of War 3 one. So that's the wrong game, and the wrong console...but it works! However this leads to two problems: firstly the box art is all wrong, but I've already mentioned this above. Secondly, all the buttons and button titles are of the 360, not the PS3, which makes button mapping a frustrating game of trial and error. Is it possible to change this?

Basically is there an easy way to take an existing ST as a "base", and build on top of it / modify it?
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no and no
you cannot use a custom box art and you also cannot change the button display of the xbox360 controller
so its more of a press-and-try secanrio on how to find which button does what
i suggest you to delete all bindings, and then bind one button after another and click it actively to see what it does

on a sidenote you can rename the config, while it will still show the GoW3 picture you can name it Bulletstorm PS3
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