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XIMEdgeManager 20151121 (**LATEST**)  (Read 18880 times)

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XIMEdgeManager 20151121 (**LATEST**)
« on: 10:38 PM - 09/17/14 »
Download XIMEdgeManager 20151121

XIMEdgeManager 20151121

- Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Game Support

For a complete list of supported games, please see the XIM Edge Official Game Support List.

Includes XIM OS 2.00.20140413 firmware (make sure to click "Update XIM OS" if your firmware is out of date)

Instructions (see Instructional Videos or Manuals for more detailed steps):

  • Unplug your XIM Edge from your console
  • Unplug your mouse, keyboard, and controller from your XIM Edge
  • Plug your XIM Edge into your PC and wait for it to display blue light
  • Download (link above), un-zip to a folder on your PC and then run the XIMEdgeManager executable
  • Press the "Connect to XIM Edge" button.
  • If you are running outdated Firmware (i.e. XIM OS), you can select Update XIM OS to upgrade.
  • Make any changes to your Configs or add new ones.
  • When finished, press "Save & Disconnect".
  • Plug your XIM Edge back into your console.

Operating Systems Supported: Windows XP SP2/Vista/7/8 x86/x64

                                                                      BUILD HISTORY

Build 20121016

- Reduced mouse processing latency.
  NOTE: You will need to double your XIM sensitivty of your Configs after this upgrade.

- Wireless support for Sony Move Navigation Controller (see "Wireless Nav Setup" in XIM Edge User Manual for setup instructions).

- New "Turn Assist" feature (configured under "More Settings"). When activated, mouse movement is cumulative until the hotkey is released (or pressed again if in toggle mode). Use Turn Assist for more effective vehicle and turret control. It can be used even when on-foot for turns that require little mouse movement.

- New "Push To Talk" feature (configured under "More Settings"). When activated, the wired headset mic connected through the controller is enabled (otherwise, it is muted). Supports hold and toggle modes. Usage is similar to that of a walkie-talkie. Only available on Xbox with a wired headset.

- Fix: Support for several "MMO side button" mice (see Hardware Compatibility List for more details)
- Fix: Keyboard diagonal movement not working correctly in some games
- Fix: In-game Sensitivity adjustment increments speed changed to gradually increase over time
- Fix: Print Config Summary colors weren't correct

Build 20120725

- Configs can now be marked as having "temporary load behavior" (under "More Settings") so that they can be loaded and unloaded (i.e. last Config is restored) with the Config's single hotkey. Supports both Hold and Toggle modes. A common scenario for this feature is a Config that is created for the purpose of navigating game menus. Mark it as temporary so that it can be quickly loaded and dismissed without having to remember the hotkey used to reload the prior game Config.

- Configs with the same hotkey now form "Config groups". Use the single hotkey to cycle forward through all Configs in the group. A common scenario for this feature is a game that requires multiple Configs for its different modes. Such modes may include on-foot, vehicle, turret, etc. The single hotkey can be used load any one of the Configs for the game.

- Edge now halts (instead of restart) on controller disconnect to reduce opportunity of accidental Configs store corruption
- Fix: Mice and keyboards using Logitech Unifying Receiver enabled
- Fix: PS3 controller D-Pad buttons blocked if Stick button already pressed
- Fix: PS3 contoller rumble disabled to prevent power issues
- Fix: PS3 Start and Select button bindings are swapped
- Fix: Peripheral Bridge activity notification white light pulse frequency reduced

Build 20120627

- Flash write activity indicator (rapid yellow blink) to indicate when itís unsafe to disconnect Edge (during in-game Config change writes and PC-Mode entry)
- Added option to disable "breath" animating color in Play Mode
- Added Config cycling (next/previous) settable hotkeys
- Ballistics Curve Editor now displays a different point color if non-linear
- Button translation now disabled during in-game button-binding
- Fix: Initialization failure on some PS3 consoles
- Fix: Ballistics curves are defaulting the flat on new Configs (should be linear)
- Fix: XIMEdgeManager fails to start if WinUSB.dll isn't on the machine (i.e. XP)
- Fix: Entering a Delay value that's less than 8 shouldn't round down to 0

Build 20120429

Launch Build
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