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Stinkyboard homemade pedal housing.  (Read 2156 times)

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Stinkyboard homemade pedal housing.
« on: 05:43 PM - 09/13/14 »
I've played a few times using my brand new Stinkyboard, I like it, but I have huge feet :)
I found it hard to not accidentally set it off (even with the firm springs) ... so I had a go at adapting it to have both feet on a rest with a floating pedal setup.
I made it from bits of MDF / scrap wood / 4 rubber door wedges, and some strips of thin ABS.

First I cut a baseboard, then cut some timber to the shape of the stinky ... ( the shaped mdf added on top of the wood is because I didn't allow enough thickness in my timber measurement, to compensate for a pedal press raising the opposite pedal up, so I had to raise the height a little by adding the mdf ) .... 1st mistake!  :-[
BTW in case it is misleading ... that is just a scrap of hardboard underneath it ... to protect it from my messy bench lol !
Edit ... just floating thoughts by here.
I guess you could simplify things a lot by just making a hole in a board above each switch, and using something like a piece of wood or a rubber door stop that you could just hot glue onto the Stinky, and use it as a pedal.
The hole would just need to be bigger than the pedal width to allow for movement.


2. Stinky in the housing.
btw the little black pieces in the previous picture are spacers that sit against the under edge of the Stinky ... (thick enough to keep it in place but not come into contact when the board is pressed)
I put them in so I could leave a gap between the Stinky and the shaped corner supports.

3.  Underside of footrest "lid" that will sit on the shaped timber supports holding the Stinky  ... ( those little rubber wedges will rest on the Stinky at the switch position )
2 inch square cut outs of the MDF board above Stinky switches / then cut the thin end of a rubber door wedge to  sit inside the cut out.
Used some strips of thin flexible ABS and epoxy glued the rubber wedges to the ends and screwed the strips to the underside of the mdf footrest.
(I should have cut the ABS strips to the narrow width "all" along it's length) .. mistake

4. This is the top of the footrest "lid" :
Use the bits of mdf that were cut out above the switches and reduce to fit inside the cut outs for the pedals ... making sure to leave enough space on the inside edge to accommodate it ... ( When a pedal is pressed the opposite pedal will rise / make sure it does not get restricted)
I epoxy glued the mdf cutouts onto the back of the ABS that already has the rubber glued on. (in previous picture)
Then I cut the leftover piece of the rubber door wedge to size ... ( measured from the thick end ) and epoxy glued it onto the  little bit of mdf I had glued onto the ABS.
Again making sure that it does not come into contact with the inside of the board when the opposite pedal is pressed ... you can see the marked arrows where I had to fix  it because it was tight  :-[

5. This is the pedal / footrest assembly screwed on to the base that holds the Stinkyboard.
The little rubber wedge on the bottom is just resting on the Stinkyboard above the Cherry mx switch ... ( bad pic ! ... you can't see the rubber wedge that rests on the Stinky, but the outside edge of the rubber is aligned with the outside edge of the Stinky / and the shape of it follows the contour of the Stinky  )
The lightest of  touches on the top rubber pedal brings the switch into play ... I'm finding it's a whole lot quieter now ... my wife was moaning about the noise I was making with the Stinkyboard before I made this lol.
It's pretty straightforward to make ... costs next to nothing, and I'm finding it so comfy having both feet on the rest  :)

6. Topped the whole thing with a carpet tile and also made a little bit to sit under the base to raise the angle a bit for extra comfort.
I can rest the outside edge of my feet against  the side pedals and engage them with just a slight rock to the side.

Don't know if I've explained this well enough to make any sense ... I didn't take photos as I was doing it as I never really intended to post it ...  it's a quick knock up and a bit messy ( I was just making it up as I went along lol)

Edit ... I've been using this for a while now and the only downside I'm finding is that I tend to get too comfy with my feet position sometimes ... forgetting that I need to use them  :)   ... but it works great for me /  I'm just using the Stinky to bind my dpad buttons to ... it frees up my G13 a bit, and I'm using those freed G13  keys as secondary settings for the xbox ABXY ...  I always find them now in a button mash game lol.

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