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Destiny Configuration  (Read 11423 times)

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Destiny Configuration
« on: 01:35 PM - 09/08/14 »
Until we can add support for Destiny I suggest that you use the Halo 4 ST on all platforms. Yes this is a 360 ST that will run on X1, PS4, 360, and PS3.

Something that will also come up is how to bind the class ability. This is done by pressing Melee and Grenade simultaneously. XIM4 allows you to bind these as secondary keys to a single key. To do this scroll to the bottom of the Button section in Manager. Swipe or press the arrow to the right to change Primary to Secondary. Scroll up and find LB and RB. Set these to the same button and use this in game to activate your class ability. Now you're free to bind these to individual buttons on your primary buttons to use the melee and grenade functions individually.

If you're on playstation and not familiar with the xbox button layout see below the pictures for a conversion list.

Options = Start
Touchpad Button = Back
L2 = LT    R2 = RT
L1 = LB    R1 = RB
Cross = A
Square = X
Triangle = Y
Circle = B
L3 = L
R3 = R

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