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XIM4 Unofficial Hardware User Survey  (Read 757 times)

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XIM4 Unofficial Hardware User Survey
« on: 01:10 AM - 09/06/14 »
Hi all! I'm trying to figure out what wireless mouse and wireless keyboard to get for the XIM4 and I was curious what folks are using with their XIM4 in terms of hardware. I whipped up this Google Docs survey that is based on the official hardware compatibility list. As a note, no personal or identifying data is collected by this survey; only your responses to the two questions.

It would be awesome if you took the three seconds needed to fill it out:


Once I get a few replies in, I'll edit the post with a link to some snazzy charts/data. Additionally, if you complete the survey, you will also get a chance to look at the basic survey results after hitting the "Submit" button.
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