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Halo Reach Screens  (Read 878 times)

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Halo Reach Screens
« on: 06:35 PM - 11/05/09 »

Gameplay Details:
New Carbine
new carbine that shoots needles, and explodes when 3 needles are hit


it is a one shot battle rifle with 12 rounds, pretty powerful and effective long range.


This is what the HUD looks like. In the bottom left, you can see your squadmates health and names.
Right above the radar shows what perks you are carrying. When I played there were 3 perks-sprinting, cloaking, and halogram.
The sprinting makes you run when you hold LB,
cloaking makes you invisible (when you cloak your radar jams and you can't really hear anything around you).
The halogram creates a hologram of yourself, so enemies will shoot at both.

I guess they are heading in the COD way using perks now for halo.
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