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E-3lue mazer ii type-r compatible and wireless mouse option question  (Read 1210 times)

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Just a heads up for the hardware compatibility list, the E-3lue mazer ii type-r wireless mouse is compatible with the Xim4.   You can pick one up on Amazon for a little over 20 buck. 

It's a little shy on buttons if you want to pair it with a move navigator for a wireless couch gaming set-up. 

On a side note:

Does anyone know if the Logitech g602 suffers from the same "mushy" thumb buttons as the g700s?

My choices for a good wireless solution so far are:

g700s  -Already returned this to the store for the above mentioned issue.  It's also not a terribly comfortable mouse for me.
g602  - Only partially compatible at this time.
Mamba - I'm a Death Adder desktop user, so I like the shape.  But seems the compatibility is in question for wireless.
R.A.T. 9 - Looks cool.  Also looks really gimmicky.  Decent specs.  Expensive.
Ouroborous - More gimmicks.  Great specs.  Even more expensive.
Sensei Wireless - Fewer gimmicks.  Great shape.  Not on the compatible hardware list, but the wired Sensei has issues.  Most expensive.

Opinions?  Further options?  I'm a palm user who leans in the fingertip direction.