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which mouse wins the race!?  (Read 3047 times)

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Re: which mouse wins the race!?
« Reply #15 on: 02:57 PM - 04/02/08 »
Wow some good info in this thread!  Good to know :)

and Whew both mice I use are 1600+ dpi

My one XIM setup uses the good Ole' MX518 and the second setup uses a Razer (the low end one It' got the green glow I think it's the Laeshes or somthing like that)

Anyways as mouse preference I like the 518 more because of the side button position.   I do admit the Razer looks and feels better but has harder to reach side buttons.

I cannot read anything about crap side buttons without going into a rage, especially the side buttons on razers. Them's fightin' words. Heh.
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Re: which mouse wins the race!?
« Reply #16 on: 03:02 PM - 04/02/08 »
Well same as nick, I couldnt live without side buttons. The best thing ever invented!!
Just got my MX518+G11 and it feels daaaamn tight (my MX510 was just too used after all these years).