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Coolermaster MM711
« on: 08:03 AM - 07/04/21 »
I've searched these forums quite a bit on this matter, I apologise if I've missed something.

I have found posts claiming that people cannot customize buttons, use macros, or switch profiles on the CM MM710/MM711 I have also found a post (maybe 2) where someone is claiming their CM710 works flawlessly.

I've tested nine mice recently. I'm aware that how good a mouse feels is relative to numerous variables (grip style, hand size, actual mouse/xim settings, etc) outside of the actual mouse itself. That being said, I am pretty sure that this mouse is a top-tier contender. Considering its one of few mice that can be purchased conveniently at Walmart that's worth using I'm surprised at the lack of any dev reply to the aforementioned posts along with the fact that its missing from the list of supported/unsupported hardware.

I would be very grateful if we could get some insight onto whether this mouse can be, and ultimately will be supported or not.

The issue appears to be anytime you bind one of the mouse buttons via the mouse software to anything other than the default mouse buttons you are given "erroronroll" within the xim app. This itself can be used as a bind, but anything, whether it's keyboard 'x' or keyboard '+' gets bound to "erroronroll."

Thanks for your time and an amazing product!