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Compatibility list + wireless reccomendation  (Read 1106 times)

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Compatibility list + wireless reccomendation
« on: 04:27 AM - 07/31/14 »
Hi just wondering if the mods, Can add (wireless) to the mice and keyboards that are wireless as its taking me a long time going through each mouse via google to find out which ones are wireless.

I love the logitech mx anywhere mouse, But i have had one the clickers stuffed up is there another basic wireless mouse that works i dont like all these extra buttons on my mouse, looking at the g700s but again has extra buttons, Also hows the charging go with it? Can i swap batteries or do i have to simply stop playing while it charges? (xim4 doesnt support charging)

P.S have ordered XIM4 i will be officially moving over from Eagle Eye that i used on my ps3 there horrible cheap things! Hope my experience with the XIM4 and PS4 is alot better :D Keyboard i will be using is razer lycosa (soon to upgrade to a wireless one)